Dragées are the perfect one bite confections; that burst of flavour gives you a rush of delectable taste. Dragées consist of a center, covered with coatings of chocolate or sugar.

They are the perfect small and memorable giveaway for your next corporate, weddings or special event. 

At Confections by Milon-Backt, we are committed to create creative flavours for all taste buds. Even though chocolate covered nuts have been a proven recipe for success, our goal is to elevate the traditional Dragée and introduce it with new and eventful flavour combinations.

Our Current Dragée Menu

A delicate and delicious giveaway gift, perfect for any wedding, corporate, or special event.

Prices and Size

Our Dragées come in two packaging sizes of:

75 g for $9.99* and 150 g for $19.89*

Please note:  We take pride in our quality, we make all products fresh for order and in smaller batches. Therefore, we have a minimum order quantity of 10 packages (one size). 

*(Subject to change/Tax not included)